"Sometimes When I Consider What Tremendous Consequences Come

From Little Things, I Am Tempted To Think There Are No Little Things"

What People Say

Around seven years ago I asked Ed if he would become a Trustee of our Family Trust.  I have known him for many years and we needed someone with a property and commercial background.  The Trust encompasses most of the Estate which, although mainly farming based, is quite diverse, including a golf course, a composting operation and we were beginning a programme of property refurbishment and development as well as planning significant changes to our Natural Burial Ground.

Ed’s expertise in these fields has been very helpful, particularly in the future planning of the Burial Ground, the renegotiation of the Shoot Lease, advising on personnel, communicating with our professional advisors and making changes in the running of our financial affairs.  His advice has been invaluable and his involvement has resulted in significant changes to the Estate.

Ed is very thorough with a task, full of energy and enthusiasm as well as having excellent people management skills and a good sense of humour (essential at times!). He is diplomatic in dealing with tricky people, and has helped to smooth the way in difficult situations.  His accounting background is extremely useful as we look at ways to diversify and move the Estate forward.  He is a creative thinker, entrepreneurial and solution-orientated.  He has made a significant contribution to the future direction of the Estate.


Andrea O'Donnell, Trustee, The Oxton Estate