"Sometimes When I Consider What Tremendous Consequences Come

From Little Things, I Am Tempted To Think There Are No Little Things"

What People Say

Ed asked me to help him create a roving syndicate, offering a wide range of high quality shooting opportunities to individuals who had neither the time nor the inclination to organise their own groups. I helped him to put together an ambitious programme which included grouse, pheasants, partridges and duck in the UK, together with a wide range of species in other countries including Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Hungary, Brazil and Uruguay.

Ed is a consummate team leader who worked with great enthusiasm to build up a network of guns, many of whom were busy professional people. Over time he developed the largest ever roving syndicate – both then and, I believe, since. Twenty years on, I still regularly encounter Ed’s guns and there are always happy and funny memories to be shared.

When he moved to Yorkshire, the syndicate slowly ran down without his enthusiasm and sense of humour – much to the disappointment of many – not the least Roxtons, for whom it represented their largest ever single block of business.


Mark Firth, Co-Founder, Roxtons Sporting Agency