"Sometimes When I Consider What Tremendous Consequences Come

From Little Things, I Am Tempted To Think There Are No Little Things"

What People Say

I am not only grateful, but also somewhat humbled, by the kind things said here by those I have worked with over the years. They have been good enough to cover both what they see as my skills, as well as what they see as my personal qualities and strengths. A very big thank you.

Ed has been a huge help to me in my new business over the last six months. He is brilliant at steering you in the right direction and really helping you focus on, and prioritise, what needs to be done in order to make serious progress.His support has been, and continues to be, huge. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs business guidance and direction.



Panda Christie

Managing Director

The Grapevine Works


Ed is cool calm and collected, resourceful and rigidly reliable. A Chartered Accountant by training, he is a highly effective, solution orientated, businessman with a forensic attitude to detail and assessment. He indulges his clients with his considerable experience, know-how and analytical processing, making him a quite exceptionally able mentor.

Martin Horsford
Managing Director
TEEC Operations
We have worked with Ed for a year now, ‘professionalising’ the business. This has involved assigning job descriptions to each employee, developing and implementing a tailor-made conveyor belt system to handle work flow, and improving and updating our computer systems for greater efficiency. We’ve delved into and analysed our finances and he has helped us develop an immediate and long-term plan. We’re already seeing great results in organisation and profitability. Apart from being an extremely nice person to work with, Ed is an intuitive, quick problem-solver, asking pertinent questions and coming up with realistic solutions. He brings with him a huge amount of experience. I highly recommend him to anybody who’s looking for an outsider’s view of their business.
Simon Gillespie
Managing Director
Simon Gillespie Studio

I work with Ed assisting a complex business conglomerate, where we jointly hold Non Executive roles. I have always found him to be perceptive, prepared and questioning. He is very adept at quickly getting to the issue at hand, suggesting a resolution and agreeing the way forward. Often acting as Chairman, he is effective at marshalling legal and other advisors - as well as executives - and carrying the meeting with him. His work has helped to transform, for the good, the performance of the organisation. He is particularly knowledgeable about property matters, but also has a natural business instinct which I believe makes him valuable in any business forum. In my opinion, his experience and energy would always be useful where a business needs direction, strategy and guidance. He is always invariably charming and courteous, and a pleasure to deal with.

Robert Mason
The Management Buy Out Centre LLP
In the months since we’ve been working with Ed, we can honestly say we are in a much better place with our business.  We have come a very long way and are on a very good course. We now have a 3 year plan in place, a marketing plan that works and generally more efficient and streamlined systems in place. Ed provided sage advice, was a great sounding board and kept us moving forward at a critical time in our business.  There is no substitute for experience and enthusiasm both of which Ed has in bucket loads.
Ed Burke & Rosie Kennedy
Founders, Seventy Ten Travel

With the wisdom of his experience and instinct for people, Ed immediately enhanced – and tactfully corrected – our approach.  The desired results ensued, and in with the bargain has been a master class in strategic communication.  Thoughtfully incisive and assiduously professional, Ed seems to have a 360 knack for whistling energetically through or over any scenario to re-orient and resolve it with pinpoint panache.

Jonathan Pegg
Managing Director
Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency