"Sometimes When I Consider What Tremendous Consequences Come

From Little Things, I Am Tempted To Think There Are No Little Things"

What People Say

I am not only grateful, but also somewhat humbled, by the kind things said here by those I have worked with over the years. They have been good enough to cover both what they see as my skills, as well as what they see as my personal qualities and strengths. A very big thank you.

Ed and I were business partners/co directors in Commercial Estates Group Limited, and in a predecessor company, in the late 1980s into the early 1990s. Ed, who was Chairman/Head of Investment, was great fun to work with, highly motivational internally and externally, and gave it his all in getting deals done.

The deal doing was based on a sound Strategy and Business planning that he had developed beforehand. He managed the business with great skill and style. As a consequence of our happy times together in business we have remained good friends since.


Gerard Versteegh, Chairman, Commercial Estates Group


I have worked with Ed on Rural Consultancy and have found that, with his incisive business acumen, and his strategic overview, his work helps to bring added value. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Johnny Dudgeon FRICS FAAV, Director, Rural, Savills


Ed has served as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s appointed trustee to the Magdalen Hospital Trust for over thirty years. During that time he has contributed much in very many ways and especially in helping steer through various changes within the trust, giving wise judgements as to our choice of bequests to many charities, and providing sound advice as to our appointment of stockbrokers, bankers and accountants.


Diana Lazenby, Chairman, The Magdalen Hospital Trust


 I have known Ed for several years both in business and as a friend. He has a very wide knowledge of the property market, especially residential.

He is creative and innovative in both the designing of deals and the maximising of value from property assets.

He is also a natural mentor, coupling an ability to listen with excellent communication skills and a lot of common sense.


David Rogers, Founding Director, Rocksure Property



Around seven years ago I asked Ed if he would become a Trustee of our Family Trust.  I have known him for many years and we needed someone with a property and commercial background.  The Trust encompasses most of the Estate which, although mainly farming based, is quite diverse, including a golf course, a composting operation and we were beginning a programme of property refurbishment and development as well as planning significant changes to our Natural Burial Ground.

Ed’s expertise in these fields has been very helpful, particularly in the future planning of the Burial Ground, the renegotiation of the Shoot Lease, advising on personnel, communicating with our professional advisors and making changes in the running of our financial affairs.  His advice has been invaluable and his involvement has resulted in significant changes to the Estate.

Ed is very thorough with a task, full of energy and enthusiasm as well as having excellent people management skills and a good sense of humour (essential at times!). He is diplomatic in dealing with tricky people, and has helped to smooth the way in difficult situations.  His accounting background is extremely useful as we look at ways to diversify and move the Estate forward.  He is a creative thinker, entrepreneurial and solution-orientated.  He has made a significant contribution to the future direction of the Estate.


Andrea O'Donnell, Trustee, The Oxton Estate


Although, for some reason, Ed reckons he would not have made a good soldier - since he detested being hollered at by NCOs - he certainly would have been a redoubtable member of the Light Brigade: curious, cool, calm and collected, particularly steady under fire, resourceful and rigidly reliable.

In his time as a London Magistrate, it is apparent to me that his overriding sense of fairness, combining a high moral stance, with tough jurisdiction, would have been both well balanced and utterly forthright. A spade is none other than a spade in whatever surroundings you meet Ed.

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